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Culture of Proof and LGBTQ+ refugees

We live in a world where marginalised groups are constantly having to validate their existence and prove their identities. This ‘culture of proof’ phenomenon is saturated throughout social, cultural and systemic institutions and is hugely problematic for the LGBTQ+ community, where … Continue reading

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Refugees & Cyberculture: final progress update

The time has come for my final progress update! I have basically finished my literature review, I have organised interviewees and I am ready to start working on my digital artefact. My digital artefact is – as I’ve stated a few … Continue reading

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Structuring Refugees & Cyberculture

Ok, so I have developed the idea for my research project, now to assemble it! I have decided to divide the project into 4 parts: four focus points. Part 1 will be on how refugees engage with cyberculture. This will include how they … Continue reading

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Moving towards racial equality (in the media)

I originally set out to show how the media create a dominant white culture, as it either fails to represent people of colour and/ or merely shows them as stereotypes. Through my research, I found many examples of mainstream media homogenisation and now … Continue reading

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