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Non-normative genders in Anime Pt. 2

In my initial post (and in my thought process that lead towards creating this project) I made an assumption of tropes based on my limited viewing of anime. My experience of anime is limited due to the few animes I’ve watched … Continue reading

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Sexual Violence in Pop-Culture

Trigger Warning: discussion of rape and sexual assault The representation of rape in pop-culture is something I have struggled with over the years. Until very recently, I would argue that all depictions of rape and sexual assault in pop-culture are never necessary and should … Continue reading

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Autoethnography Exercise PART TWO: Critical Analysis

Following my viewing of Ladies Room, I’ve reflected on my assumptions and epiphanies from this experience. I’ve also read back on my first post in order to critically analyse my initial reaction. Let’s start with my initial feeling towards the … Continue reading

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Autoethnography Exercise PART ONE: Experience

Throughout my life I have participated in journal writing, experienced introversion and social anxiety and studied sociology. All these experiences have (for better or worse) taught me to be the observer, to be critical of the observer and to reflect on the observer. … Continue reading

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Major Project: The Other Woman

Video Description ‘The Other Woman’ is a critique of Western Orientalist representations of on Arab Women. Through this visual essay, I explore the ways digital media is able to provide Arab women with a platform to represent their lives the … Continue reading

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