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  Refugee engagement with cyberculture is varied according to ability to access devices and networks and utilise said access. As shown in Engage, it is clear that engagement with cyberculture can be critical in many situations; travelling by foot or … Continue reading

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Refugees & Cyberculture: final progress update

The time has come for my final progress update! I have basically finished my literature review, I have organised interviewees and I am ready to start working on my digital artefact. My digital artefact is – as I’ve stated a few … Continue reading

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Should mobile phone access be considered a basic need?

With the structure and basic content of my research project very clear in my mind, it’s time to do the lit review! I must admit I was a little overwhelmed at first as to how to keep track of all … Continue reading

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Structuring Refugees & Cyberculture

Ok, so I have developed the idea for my research project, now to assemble it! I have decided to divide the project into 4 parts: four focus points. Part 1 will be on how refugees engage with cyberculture. This will include how they … Continue reading

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The Complex Layers of Cyberculture and Refugees

For my research project, I am interested in looking at the complex layers of cyberculture and refugees. I’ll be looking at how refugees participate in cybercultures, ranging from recording abuse in detention centres to using Google Maps to make their way through … Continue reading

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