Podcast series: Non-Normative Genders in Anime

For transcripts, click here. For full reference list, click here.

Episode One: An Introduction to Non-normative genders in Anime


Episode Two: Hange Zoe and the progressiveness of Attack On Titan


Episode Three: Ruka Urushibara is a transgender woman


Episode Four: Haruhi Fujioka in a heteronormative world


Episode Five: The Wrap Up and feminism in Japan

Want to learn more about non-normative gender identities? Check out these Youtubers: Riley J. Dennis, Ashley Mardell, Kat Blaque, Laci Green, Kachina ProPidgeon.

Opening theme: Let’s Talk About Gender Baby by Planningtorock

About intersectionalalien

Hi hello people of earth/space/cyberspace, intersectional alien here. I’m still trying to figure out my place on this earth. I like intersectional feminism, feminism in popular culture, LGBTQ+, refugee rights, veganism, mental health, nihilism, travelling, unlearning institutional conditioning, good tunes and consuming and creating stories.
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