The public sphere is a powerful tool for weak ties to connect and become strong ties. In the case of refugees, it has played an integral in allowing citizens to communicate with and campaign for refugees. Social media is a key part of allowing people to assist refugees and can be instrumental in the campaigning for individuals to gain crowdfunded assistance.

Crowdfunding relies on “the power of crowds and networking” (Bannerman 2013) and is a great tool to provide widespread grassroots assistance for those who otherwise would not have access to much needed assistance. Crowdfunding is not only the result of networking, but also acts as a political tool through “activating social capital” (Díaz J.R. & Cacheda B.G., 2016), whereby people are able to orchestrate assistance for refugees outside of institutional constructs. The case of Adbul Halim al-Attar highlighted the power of social capital to facilitate a movement through #buypens, which allowed Twitter user Gissur Simonarson to not only find Abdul, but also set up a crowdfunding campaign for him. While the crowdfunding campaign highlighted the power of social capital to help an individual, the payments still had to be made through an institution (Paypal). As indicated through the screenshots below, this made and continues to make the actual payment process difficult and limits the political power of crowdfunding.

At the peak of social capital is the use of open source websites and apps to provide up-to-date, decentralised and immediate information for refugees. The recognition of this need and supplying the means to meet this need reflects the ideology of people looking to assist refugees. As stated by IRC’s technology coordinator, Rey Rodrigues, in Assist, open source works to enable refugees to be self-sufficient and have safe access to important information.

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