We took down Julien Blanc!

We did it! The Victorian police department made this confirmation today:

Screenshot 2014-11-07 13.25.33

After Jennifer Li started a petition to #takedownjulienblanc and Destroy the Joint organised letter writing to the Minister of Immigration and the Minister for Women to revoke Blanc’s visa to Australia, the cause went viral.

If you are uncertain as to who I am talking about, Li provides a quick summary of his ‘work’ here:

Julien Blanc and his group, RSD (Real Social Dynamics) are a group of sexist and racist “pick up artists,” who have made a living by teaching men how to violate women through physical and emotional abuse.

If you are still uncertain, you can see examples of his ‘work’ here and here.

Blanc was going to hold seminars on his tactics for picking up women (which include harassment, assault and manipulation) across various Australian venues – and we were not going to give him that chance. After a huge online response to Li’s campaign, Blanc’s seminars throughout Australia were cancelled and we can now, thankfully, say that he has left the country.

Screenshots sourced from The Daily Life

Screenshots sourced from The Daily Life

While it is horrifying to think that people like Blanc and the RSD group have a platform to enable and normalise rape culture, today’s victory is proof that people will not stand for this and that we do in fact have the power to stop things like this. Well done everyone!

Julien Blanc.


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