Thinking about Media, Audience and Place

When I think of media and audience I think about how awesome the internet is. No really, I do. I love that anyone, from (basically) anywhere in the world is able to access the great portal of information that is the world wide web.

And none of this would be possible were the audience not active. Sites like Reddit, Wikipedia, Youtube…they wouldn’t even take place if it weren’t for an active audience. The internet is a great instigator in allowing people from completely different societies and cultures to collaborate online as equals and share media freely.

When I think about my own media space, I look to the 17 tabs I have permanently open across two browsers…Yeah I know, how hasn’t my laptop crashed yet? I am constantly discovering new ideas and creations and find myself wanting to absorb and retain all this information, which can get kind of overwhelming. How am I supposed to retain it all? Like those nifty household DIY tips, those alien looking horseshoe crabs and those crazy 90’s musician interviews I discovered in the depths of Youtube? I also have to ask myself why I feel the need to hold it all in. I am an audience member obsessed with the constant stream, I can’t get enough.

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I recently spent a week in Central Australia where there was no possible way to connect to the stream. After the first day I was reeling, needing to be part of the connectedness. However, after a few days I found myself feeling lighter, almost relieved to be temporarily separated from the demanding and all consuming sphere that I was eventually to return to.

But there is no fighting that need for information. Once I was back I spent a solid few hours regaining a foothold on my media space. And once again, I was sucked in to the void.

About intersectionalalien

Hi hello people of earth/space/cyberspace, intersectional alien here. I’m still trying to figure out my place on this earth. I like intersectional feminism, feminism in popular culture, LGBTQ+, refugee rights, veganism, mental health, nihilism, travelling, unlearning institutional conditioning, good tunes and consuming and creating stories.
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