Hello blogging!

First of all, I feel it’s important to establish that I am in fact one of those I-don’t-know-what-to-do-with-my-future type students, which has led to my beginning this year as a half first year and half second year student. If there’s one thing I’m certain of, it’s that I have no idea where I could possibly be when I’m eventually out of uni. So, what do I know? That the end goal of being at uni is to get a degree, and the end goal of that is to make money, which leads to the thing that I want most: to travel the world without limits! Oh, and be a writer of some form, hence the BCMS course…

So here I am, back at uni! And what a wonderful start it was…parking so far away that I had to walk 20 minutes in the pouring rain. Soaking wet was definitely the fabulous first impression I was hoping to give my fellow students! Anyway, being back at uni also means the start of getting back into studying habits once again. I don’t know about anyone else, but I feel studying is a great time to pick up useless (but awesome) hobbies. For example, I recall a month of my life last year becoming totally dedicated to the creation of paper cranes and jumping frogs. This not only provided hours of entertainment but also forced me to cram a semesters’ worth of information into one night. Definitely worth it.

If you’re stuck on ideas for studying distractions, or are just generally curious about how to make paper cranes, click on the link below! (It even has a nice tune to fold to):


…I have a feeling I won’t need any distractions from blogging. Happy ‘studying’!


About intersectionalalien

Hi hello people of earth/space/cyberspace, intersectional alien here. I’m still trying to figure out my place on this earth. I like intersectional feminism, feminism in popular culture, LGBTQ+, refugee rights, veganism, mental health, nihilism, travelling, unlearning institutional conditioning, good tunes and consuming and creating stories.
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4 Responses to Hello blogging!

  1. isabellechesher says:

    In procrastination, I attempted your paper crane idea. I ended up with my own ‘abstract’ creation…

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